Our Forest School is situated in the heart of the countryside called Nyíreség, 15 km from Nyíregyháza in the outskirts of the village Napkor in the Harangod Forest. In a beautiful, calm, natural environment surrounded by mozaique structured planted forest the forest school is waiting for its visitors who would like to learn, hunt or spend their holiday all year. Our institution besides its educational function also serves community purposes, works as a hunting house and intends to be a good example for sustainable rural development in the region.

The Forest School of Harangod was founded by the Cooperative of Napkor Foresters in 2004 in order to promote conservation and environmental education throughout introducing local people, traditions and the Harangod Forest with its wildlife. The Cooperative runs the forest school together with its official partner the József Eötvös Practicing Primary and Grammar School of the College of Nyíregyháza.

The forest school is waiting for school children, secondary school and college student with various and interesting programmes for spring, autumn and winter. During the summer holiday we organize summer camps in many different topics: sports, foreign languages, natural history, ornithology Hungarian traditions and fine arts.

The goals of our forest school educational programme that is based on practical courses, innovative pedagogical methods and active participation are environmental education, healthy life education, and natural experiencing.

Our programme introduces the basics and traditions of wildlife management, forestry, and the long-time going back relation of human and forest. Participants learn how to behave in the natural environment, to respect life and also how to be more tolerant and patient to each other.

The topics of our forest school programme: navigation in space and time, meteorological observations, caring for domestic traditional Hungarian farm animals, naturalist examinations, field work, the seasonal aspects of the forest, lake, wetland and meadow, direct wildlife observation, hunting traditions, hunting dog show, wildlife tracking by walk and coach dragged by horses, tracking on the educational paths, nature and arts, bird watching, winter bird feeding, environmental and conservation issues, animal welfare, bread baking in the open air traditional oven.

The building of the forest school itself is a two floored insulated ecologic and economic wooden house with every convenience made of Transylvanian pine with central heating system based on firewood furnace. From spring to autumn solar collectors produce hot water. The forest school is equipped with every multimedia and educational instruments and materials.

Infrastructural features: accommodation for 38 persons, 4 rooms upstairs (8 beds, shower, toilet, balcony), 3 rooms downstairs (double-bed room, bathroom, toilet), sauna, dining hall with fireplace, 2 internal classrooms for small groups, open air class room with oven, wooden playground, mini-zoo with domestic animals, pond, “Roe-buck” (hunting) educational path 2,8 km, “Bush” (natural history) educational path 5,9 km, botanical garden, sports ground.

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Cooperative of Napkor Foresters
Forest School of Harangod

4552 Napkor, Kállói str 58.
Tel/fax: (42) 547-025
Director: Domina Norbert
Tel: (30) 506-75-41



József Eötvös Practicing Primary and Grammar School of the College of Nyíregyháza
4400 Nyíregyháza, Ungvár sétány 12.
Director: Komáromi István
Tel: (42) 599-415
Fax: (42) 444-113

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