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The Company owns 841, 9 hectares of forests in the outskirts of three villages. The two most common tree species are locust and poplar of 80% proportion. We also have native oak, poplar species, alder, pine and other introduced oak species which occupies small proportion of the area according to the soil types. The distribution of tree species reflects the frequency of the genetic soil types occurring in the area. Sandy humus soils make 60% of these soils. The rest 40 % consist of stain red forest soil, other brown forest soils, meadow soil and the combinations of these.

In the past planning period the total tree usage concerned 55 hectares of forest, and 12 hectares out of it was cleared. 43 5 for meant for scattering and appointing in 50-50%. The total volume of logs coming from usage reached 3100m3.


The Company does professional management on 7300 hectares within the frames of integration besides its own 841,9 hectares of forest. The professional management department of the company has got vocational relation with 187 contractors. Private persons 85% of integrated clients make, and companies, cooperatives and landowners make the rest 15%. In this relation the proportion of the areas 60-40%.



  • creation of the annual forest managing plans and budgets
  • creation of the annual financial reports
  • services:
    • purchase of forests
    • plantation
    • renewing
    • cutting
  • professional realisation of the forestry plans considering conservation and sustainable forest management and the interests of the owners
  • vocational directing representation at the technical deliveries
  • vocational representation at the planning
  • making of EU forestry applications
  • safeguarding of interests towards authorities like national Forestry and others

In 2005 integrators made plantation plans for 250 hectares, in 2006 it was more than 480, hectares and in 2007 it reached the 600 hectares.

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