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The Cooperative of Napkori Foresters was founded by 86 persons in 1992 in order to unite and manage more effectively the small pieces of forests belonging to the owners. The Cooperative itself provided new possibilities for the village Napkor creating the basis of private forestry and game management.

The 841, 9 hectare area of forest consisting mainly of the characteristic species to the Nyírség area like locust and poplar with some spots of oak and pine is managed by the company.

We also do forestry integration activities in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County on 10.000 hectares.


Beside the traditional forestry we has just started to deal with energy plants.


In 1997 the Cooperative gained hunting right on the following areas: Napkor, Apagy, Magy, Kállósemjén, Sényő and Nyírtura.


1998 we created a game yard on 500 hectars. In 2003 we created another game yard on 335 hectars.Due to the professional game management today we have more than 1000 wild boars and numerous mouflons and Fellow deers in these hunting yards. Besides the game keeping in large enclosures we also foster several thousands of pheasants and mallards each year.


We have foreign hunters from several countries like the Arab world, USA, Germany Austria, Spain and France. The recent King of Spain hunted in our game yards two times.


Our latest project is the Forest School of Harangod. We cooperate in its vocational program with the Primary Practice School of József Eötvös of the College of Nyíregyháza. The forest school can provide program and accommodation at capacity of 38 persons all the year.

Cooperative turned into Exclusive Stock Company in 2006.

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